Let’s bring colour to your world!

Picking out a colour scheme for your space might not sound difficult. It’s just about picking your favourite colours and painting them on the wall, right? But when you’re standing in front of a wall of colour swatches and ‘decision fatigue’ gets the best of you, it becomes harder to tell the blues from the teals.

‣ Expert advice from an experienced colour consultant
‣ Assistance refining a palette that best matches your taste and décor
‣ Guidance choosing colour schemes that are on trend and will suit your local area
– improving street appeal and even maximising resale potential.

As the leaders of the painting and decorating industry in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas, colour is something we’ve given a lot of thought to. After all, colour makes the world go around. It can open up a space and bring light into a room, or it can keep things cool and cosy to match your moods.

We are pleased to offer a free one-hour colour consultation with every approved painting project. Our consultant is always ready to meet you on site or welcome you to our showroom in Valley Heights, where a full range of colours and schemes are available for perusal.

After your colour consultation, we will provide you with:

  • A sample colour scheme
  • Samples and colour swatches
  • Recommendations for feature walls and trimmings
  • A colour overlay

Colour Overlay allows you to see a virtual image of what your colour choice will look like on your house before it’s done. We use up to date technology to digitally paint your walls before our team hits the brushes. If you’re stuck on a few colours, our team will help you choose which suits your space the best. This also gives you the opportunity to ensure it suits you and the surroundings.

The images below have been digitally altered to change the colour of the wall. Neither of these colours were physically painted and you can’t even tell!

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